Program for individuals with unique focus and talents

The Aperio Program is intended for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional initiative, creativity and leadership, or other unique or unusual abilities. The program started in 2005 and is designed to give the student an opportunity to cultivate critical thinking and innovation in fields related to the many fields of science, businesses and society.




Aperio Student Accomplishments, 2005-2012






Students who get accepted to the Aperio Program receive guidance from a specially-selected scientist or expert who helps the student develop his/her unique skills further. Aperio students enjoy various benefits including flexibility in the way their studies are organized, opportunities to participate in research programs and collaborating with regarded scientists and scholars in Iceland. Tuition remission may be granted to select students.




Chief among the skills that the Aperio program targets are creativity, leadership abilities, exceptional skills, achievements and focus, which are evaluated in the context of the applicants' peers. Applicants should submit a portfolio that enables us to assess their potential on these key Aperio dimensions. Although grades are less important to the Aperio Program, academic achievements should also be submitted, along with three letters of reference.

> See Application Guidelines for more information.



The application deadline is open.

For further information contact: Kristinn Thórisson


Reykjavik University, Menntavegur 1, Reykjavik